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WatchDog Model 2900ET Weather Station
Manufacturer : Spectrum Technologies
This powerful weather station measures, calculates and logs evapotranspiration (ET), solar radiation, wind speed/direction, wind chill, dew point, temperature, RH and rainfall. Five (5) external sensor channels are available for leaf wetness, soil moisture or other sensors.
WatchDog Model 2900ET Weather Station Measures Evapotranspiration, Wind speed and direction, Wind chill, Dew point, Solar radiation, Air temperature, Relative humidity, and Rainfall

View Up-to-the-Minute Readings on your Weather Station or PC

Why base your important growing decisions on distant university or airport weather reports? WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations deliver accurate, real-time weather information directly from your orchard or vineyard. Together with Specware Pro software, you can monitor, record and analyze over a dozen important growing conditions for more effective and profitable crop and pest management.

Easy to Set Up and Use
Pre-assembled sensor array with mounting hardware makes setup quick and easy. Add-on sensors plug directly into the station - no complex wiring or calibration required. U.S. or metric units of measure. Mounts to post, tripod, or 1 1/4 pole.

Built-in data logger - Store your measurements in fail-safe, non-volatile memory until you transfer the data to your PC. Select measurement intervals of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. With a 30 minute interval, the station will retain 183 days of data. Downloading data will not erase it from the station, so multiple PCs can access the station without impacting a master data collection plan.

Enhanced LCD Display - A WatchDog exclusive. Check current and daily high/low readings for the past 30 days or confirm the station and sensors are performing — without connecting to a PC. Select Spec 8 Pro disease models can run on the station, providing field viewing of disease severity indicators.

Battery powered - A 12-month battery power source (four “AA” alkaline batteries included) means no solar panels to purchase and maintain. WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations use state-of-the-art electronics with low power consumption.

Communication options - Suit your specific needs by choosing from direct connection, wireless, cellular or other data transfer options.

New for 2007:
On the inside, our AE50 Award-winning WatchDog Weather Stations have been completely redesigned for 2007, bringing a host of improvements and new features.

Improved Data Logging
Retains data on the station. SpecWare downloads only what it needs, so multiple people can download a station, while leaving all data behind for the next person.
Three times the storage capability keeps more data available longer.
12 bit A/D conversion improves resolution and accuracy.

Enhanced LCD Display
Run selected disease models requires corresponding disease package for Spec 8 Pro software on the station (providing field viewing of disease severity indicators).
Review 30 days of high/low history on the display.
Display chill hour and degree day calculations.

Redesigned Communications
Communication speed increased to 9600 baud.
Check digits on all data transmission records enhance communications reliability.
Open text-based protocol enables customized communications with the stations.

Greater Usabiliability
Set sensor type and measurement interval through the keypad on the station – no PC pre-setup required.

Lower power consumption extends battery life to 12 months, an increase of 50%.

Expanded Options
Two additional external sensor ports on all models except Model 2800, which adds a ninth port for rainfall-only.

Alarms now check all sensors of the chosen type, and both high and low limits can be set to warn if any sensor goes outside a defined band of normal values.

The WatchDog 2900ET Station helps you optimize your irrigation and IPM programs. The comprehensive water management system enables you to assign discrete K-factors to each crop/field you track for evapotranspiration and irrigation amounts.

The WatchDog 2900ET measures, calculates, and logs:

• Evapotranspiration
• Wind speed and direction
• Wind chill
• Dew point
• Solar radiation
• Air temperature
• Relative humidity
• Rainfall

Check out the complete line of sensors and communication options.

Requires SpecWare Pro software.

Ordering Information
3350WD2 WatchDog Model 2900ET Weather Station

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