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We, Auro Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd., are manufacturing Digital Panel Meter since 1981. Our passion for quality has been appreciated. Our DPM's have been the winners of prestigious "WISITEX" award. ....
 2 Channel Low Pressure Differential Data Logger
 2 Channel Temperature (Thermistor) Data Logger
 3 Channel Temperature (Thermocouple) Data Logger
 4 Channel AC Current Data Logger
 4 Channel Pressure, Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger
 4 Channel Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger
 8 Channel AC Current and Voltage Data Logger
 8 Channel Process Signal Data Logger
 8 Channel Temperature (Thermistor) Data Logger
 8 Channel Temperature (Thermocouple) Data Logger
 CO2 Monitor
 Data Acquisition System
 Data Loggers
 Digital Panel Meters
 EasyLog USB Data Loggers
 HOBO U20 Water Level Data Logger
 Humidity Data Loggers
 Integrated Pest Management Tools
 Light Loggers
 Multi-Channel, Configurable, 12-Bit Data Loggers
 Nutrient Management Tools
 SMS and GPRS Notification System (Qanuk)
 Soil and Water.
 Temperature Loggers
 Temperature, Humidity & Presure Transmitters
 USB Water Quality Sensors
 WatchDog Sensors and Accessories
 Weather & Environmental Monitoring
Watermark Sensor Digital Reader
Manufacturer : Spectrum Technologies
Watermark Sensor Digital Reader 6455 Place a Watermark sensor in the root zone of your crop or turf and use the handheld Digital Meter for an instant reading or moisture from 0 (saturated
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WeatherTracker Greenhouse Light
Manufacturer : Spectrum Technologies
Measure your plants' most important inputs: light exposure and temperature. Also tracks degree days and chill hour data. The WeatherTracker 305 includes a quantum light to measure your plants'
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WeatherTracker Model 320 - Apple Pest Alert
Manufacturer : Spectrum Technologies
Keep tabs on the conditions affecting your crops and the insect an diseases that threaten them with our NEW WeatherTrackers. Placed right in your field, vinyard, or orchard, your WeatherTracker
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WatchDog Silicon Pyranometer Sensor
Manufacturer : Spectrum Technologies
Silicon Pyranometer Sensor to use with your WatchDog Data Logger. Works with WatchDog Logger Models 200, 225, 425, 450, Stations 2525, 2550, 2600, 2700, 2800 WatchDog Silicon Pyranomet
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WatchDog Sprayer Station
Manufacturer : Spectrum Technologies
Effective management of pesticide drift is increasingly important to pesticide applicators. Now you can monitor and data log weather conditions with the new ultrasonic WatchDog Sprayer Station.
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